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I picked Jeff as a trustworthy financial mentor

“While selling my home, I was fortunate to meet Jeff hiking. His friendly openness led to a conversation about my plans for investing. After interviewing other wealth management firms, I picked Jeff as a trustworthy financial mentor. I feel 100% confident in my financial roadmap and peaceful about leaving a legacy. Jeff is much more than a financial planner. I especially enjoy reading the informative newsletters that I keep for reference. Eternally grateful to Jeff and the team at Gurman Wealth Management.”

Michael F.

Business Owner

“Jeff deeply cares about his clients”

“Jeff has been my family’s financial planner and go to “insurance guy” for the past 25 years (since 1991) and I retired this week knowing I have the right plan in place for my family. I have introduced Jeff to many of my close friends and coworkers, as I know he deeply cares about his clients. Jeff’s insurance recommendations made a difference for us and especially for the family of a CHP officer who I introduced him to before the officer’s untimely death. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is planning for retirement or needs to protect their income or assets!”

Tony T.

Private Investigator

“Jeff has always taken time to understand our goals and concerns”

“I have been working with Jeff since 1994, from single life to married life, to a larger combined family. He has always taken time to understand our goals and concerns and helped us manage and grow our wealth over the past 22 years. Jeff is also an expert when it comes to insurance planning and I sleep well at night knowing my family is protected in case of an unforeseen disaster.”

Dan P.

Executive at Sappi NA

“Jeff’s a knowledgeable insurance professional”

“Jeff was awesome to deal with. He patiently spent hours and hours finding out what life insurance best suited my needs. The most knowledgeable insurance pro that I know!!!”

Hershel F.

Business Owner

“Jeff continually researches until he finds the best options”

“Jeff, I am deeply grateful to you (and your staff) for the phenomenal amount of time, effort, thought, and research that you put into choosing the right plan for me and my family and for preparing all of these documents! I love that you never rely on past knowledge and continually research and research until you find the best options for right now. You are truly incredible, it has been a privilege to work with you, and I look forward to continuing to work with you for many many years to come, G-d willing. Very Grateful”

Rabbi M.

“Jeff is very versatile”

“My husband and I have been working with Jeff for several years now in guiding us in our financial investments and decisions. He has been assisting us with Strategic Financial Planning, Insurance and Estate Planning. He is very versatile in these areas, always offering various options depending on need, interest and factors that could influence or affect the benefits sought. We recommend Jeff to anyone looking for an experienced advisor in financial and insurance planning.”

Luiza M.

Attorney at Amervisa Law Offices

“Jeff helps us achieve the best possible results”

“Jeff is very detail oriented and goes the extra mile to ensure a great experience for all of his clients. As an intern I found myself comparing and contrasting many strategies daily to ensure each and every client was receiving the best policy for their needs. Not only does Jeff establish great client relationships, but he did so while maintaining great employee relationships as well. As an intern I found him to be very personable and understanding of each team member’s individual needs. He works with each team member personally to help us achieve the best possible results for his clientele as well as reach our personal goals.”

Matthew S.

Retail Leasing and Investments at Centers Business Management (CBM)

“Jeff is an amazing source of support and insight!”

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and talented at his profession but what really makes him exceptional is that he is filled with compassion, generosity and is truly an amazing person! I am so thankful for having been introduced to Jeff earlier this year. I have always felt very uneasy when discussing money matters. I tried to avoid it entirely. However, it was time that I talk to someone and my friend convinced me to meet with Jeff. From the moment I met Jeff I felt at ease (which is rare for me). He took the time to really get to know and understand me as a person before he even started to ask anything about my current financial situation. He explained in great detail all of my possible options and he made sure that I actually understood everything that we discussed. I learned A LOT after our first meeting which made me feel more confident in being able to move forward with the process and to be able to make smart, educated financial decisions. Jeff has been an amazing source of support, insight and especially positivity! I would absolutely recommend his services!!”

Jen T.

Founder Intercom Media

Jeff has been a tremendous asset to my family

Jeff has been a tremendous asset to my family. He spent a lot of time asking questions to understand our specific goals. He is passionate about the products he offers and knows them inside and out. Do yourself a favor and meet with Jeff. Learn about what he has to offer. He has an approach to retirement planning that is quite compelling. Of course, Jeff offers traditional insurance products too, and will make sure you and your loved ones are fully protected.

David G.

Senior Director, Sketchers

Jeff helps you understand how the wealthy moves, thinks, and executes

Jeff doesn’t JUST manage wealth, he helps you understand how Wealthy moves, thinks, and executes. My first message from Jeff is that Wealth is not just the acquisition, distribution, and growing of “money” it’s about the person you become with money, no matter the amount, and from a few chance encounters with Jeff.

I have exponentially grown in my awareness of how I choose to move in relation to my assets, portfolio, and relationships. He is generous, fierce, and brilliant like no other. I am honored to know and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a wealth manager that understands that wealth is greater than tactics and strategies, it is a state of BEING.

Sanyika S

CEO, Firestarter International

“Jeff is a true wealth management guru.”

“My husband and I found Jeff to be incredibly patient. He spent a significant amount of time listening to our goals for our children and retirement. He recommended multiple strategies to help with liquidity and safety as well as building a tax free retirement. Jeff also throughly explained how we could convert our IRA’s and invest our liquid assets to meet our future needs. Jeff is a true wealth management guru. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to lower their taxes, protect their assets and build for their retirement.”

Liora T.

CEO of 360 Social
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